Our work

We cover everything related to bees, but mainly we are dedicated to:

  • Selection and breeding of bees
  • And collection of honey and pollen (100% natural)

We have special interest in improving the resistance of bees against diseases giving a fundamental space to the hygiene of the hive.


Miguel Ballestín is the main beekeeper, who has behind a group of up to 6 people performing different tasks in the seasons of the year with more workload.


We are surrounded ourselves with the best beekeepers in Spain through an association, of which we have learned and continue to learn. Seven of these 35 beekeepers, including Miguel Ballestín, focus their efforts on improving bee genetics, breeding swarms and the study of productive behaviors.


This, coupled with our youth, our ambition to grow and learn, our illusion and our desire to do things well with a family, serious and unique treatment, is what defines our way of working.


We want to make known what we are, what we do and what we can offer in the short and medium term. We mainly offer selected swarms, hives, everything related to beekeeping material and products derived from the hive.


Our hives are inhabited by two types of bees:

  • Native bees or black bees
  • Buckfast bees

As for the type of honey elaborated, it consists of a wide range, from the classic honey of mixed-flower, to honey of rosemary, passing through honey of lavender, thyme, heather and oak.


In reference to the type of hive used, we generally use the popular Dadant. But because of our flexibility and customer demand, we can adapt to any other type of standard hive, such as Layens or Langstroth, and some others.